Foster + Partners Envisions the Future of Hyperloop Cargo Transport

Foster + Partners has showcased its latest concept for the Virgin Hyperloop One. As you’d expect from the upcoming project, it’s a futuristic deal, with a metal sheathed warehouse and docking center, while the docking area rises from the ground and transitions into a glass chamber. The warehouse’s interior use LED-backlit tracks alongside white lamination and autonomous robots that will unload the Azure pods.

As has often been noted, the cargo trains will travel across the earth at the speed of a jet plane, allowing for incredibly speedy transportation. The team behind this technology says that the Hyperloop One is part of the world’s growing desire for an “on-demand lifestyle,” and this project is key in making lives more fluid and convenient. Watch the video above to see the concept in more detail.

In related news, Virgin Galactic has released video of its successful VSS Unity space flight.

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